About us

Stockalpers is a consulting firm active in process design and redesign. The company is also active in project and change management. We act inside organisations where we:

  • perform analysis and design processes;
  • identify weaknesses and problems encountered by our clients;
  • use right methodologies and tools to provide long term solutions where results are measurable;
  • support leaders and managers to take the right decisions.

Our values

  • Work with passion: In the diagnosis phase of our missions, we collect information, meet people and catch elements from your environment. Passion is one of our main driver to deliver added value during a mission. We make our best to communicate our passion to Teams involved.
  • Deliver value: The identification of customer expectations allows us to achieve result and deliver value during our missions. We also focus on a right understanding of problems and take it into account when we deliver solutions.
  • Provide Performance: With solutions delivered, we have a positive impact on the performance of our clients. They better understand where they need to invest time and energy. We identify with them weaknesses inside processes and organisation. It allows to take actions to better perform.

Why do we think we can make the difference ?

  • Our pragmatic approach is certainly an important diversification factor. We avoid to only use conceptual language. We use pictures and frameworks to facilitate understanding for everyone.
  • We use simple methods that everybody can understand.
  • Any complex process or system is analysed and structured to provide a clear understanding to all involved parties.
Our offer Team and Network References